Extra vodka is an excellent soft vodka based on the pure artesian water, “Lux” alcohol of highest quality with natural honey added. To achieve maximum softness and purity in our vodka, we use the newest ice filtration method — dry ice excellently filters vodka from impurities and makes its taste just perfect!
Extra vodka give you a feeling of quality classical Russian vodka. Time goes, The world is changing but it is still important for us to honor our roots and preserve Russian traditions. That is why our Extra vodka, a Russian invention which survived through centuries and is used now with old classical taste Extra Vodka is produced at a modern plant in an ecologically clean area.
The electronic quality control system and experienced production engineers-tasters ensure strict compliance with the formula ofExtra Vodka on all production stages.
Modern equipment is employed during the production of Extra Vodka which is practically fully automated: computers vigilantly monitor compliance with the vodka formula and filtration quality.

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